Simply go to your local LloydsPharmacy store

Health means living a full life, and that includes your hearing. That’s why it seems only logical to us that you can find our products in an environment already renowned for health-related products and services – pharmacies. For that reason, Sonetik regularly organises hearing days in LloydsPharmacy stores. On those hearing days, trained audiologists carry out hearing tests and prepare Sonetik hearing aids to wear, if required. They also explain how to set up, wear and care for your hearing aid correctly. And if you require environmentally responsible batteries, a new sound tube or an earpiece, just visit your LloydsPharmacy store where you purchased your Sonetik hearing aid.  

Where can I have a hearing test and buy Sonetik hearing aids?

Where to find Sonetik

Find your nearest LloydsPharmacy here.

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