Hear better in a very short time

In three simple steps the Sonetik audiologist can check your hearing, match the pattern of hearing loss to Sonetik amplification profiles and prescribe and prepare a digital mini-hearing aid for you. 

Step 1: Hearing test. Our free, 10-minute hearing test reliably establishes whether you suffer from impaired hearing or whether your hearing is still regarded as good. (Fig. GOtest)

Step 2: Creation of the hearing profile. In the event of hearing loss we establish whether your hearing loss matches a Sonetik amplification profile. In cases of complex or severe hearing loss, we will gladly refer you to a specialist from within our network. (Fig. GOmatch)

Step 3: Instant fitting. If your hearing loss matches one of the Sonetik hearing aids, we prepare the hearing aids for you to wear, put them in your ears and explain their straightforward use. Once you are convinced of their benefit, we help you to buy them on the spot for only GBP 395 a piece. (Fig. GOhear)

And all this in less than 1 hour.

Where can I get my hearing tested?
How good are Sonetik hearing aids?

Hearing test

The Sonetik hearing test tells you in ten minutes whether your hearing is still good.

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Sonetik is nearby

Sonetik is nearer than you think. Find a LloydsPharmacy near you.

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