High quality hearing aids

With Sonetik hearing aids, you are putting your trust in a high quality medical device designed in Switzerland. Our digital hearing aids can make more than 2.5 million calculations a second. This enables advanced sound processing functions such as adaptive directionality, speech recognition, noise reduction and feedback cancellation, ensuring that the hearing aid doesn’t whistle during normal use.

Cutting-edge technology in the smallest of spaces

The almost invisible Sonetik hearing aids are equipped with extremely high quality components. Sonetik makes use of the most recent developments in hearing aid technology, which has made enormous strides in recent years. Modern digital hearing aids are little marvels of advanced technology that provide more processing power in the smallest of spaces than any other product. Despite the massive increase in performance, wearing them is considerably more comfortable than before and they are much smaller. With a Sonetik quality hearing aid, you benefit from these developments, using a hearing aid that is as small and discrete in appearance as it is high-tech in its sound delivery.

High quality at an affordable price

Certified quality control and continuous consumer testing by renowned universities (e.g. the Academy for Hearing Aid Acoustics in Lübeck/Germany) help ensure high quality. Sonetik is able to offer unbeatable value for money, due to its strong focus on relevant features and a time saving and cost effective fitting process.

High quality accessories

Sonetik’s high quality standards not only apply to hearing aids. We attach the same importance to environmentally responsible, mercury-free batteries, quality sound tubes and ear domes, as well as a high quality care kit for correct cleaning and professional storage of our hearing aids.

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