Rediscover your hearing in less than 1 hour

It’s never been easier. First, a certified audiologist at your local LloydsPharmacy store assesses your hearing. Should it be established that you have suffered hearing loss, your test results are assessed scientifically against various amplification profiles offered by the Sonetik hearing aid. If a Sonetik hearing aid can help with your hearing loss, the audiologist will prepare one of our incredibly discreet, high quality hearing aids for your ear. They ensure that it sits correctly inside your ear, letting you experience the difference it makes – instantly. In this way, you get to hear well again quickly, easily and effortlessly - in less than 1 hour.

Sonetik – Simply better hearing.

The Sonetik principle – «Rediscover your hearing in less than 1 hour»
Your three-step path to a quality digital hearing
Sonetik hearing aids are little marvels of modern technology 

Where to find Sonetik

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