Could I be suffering from hearing loss?

Do you often have the feeling that those around you are not speaking clearly? Have you started to become noticeably more insecure in a noisy environment? While talking with others, do you have to ask them to repeat themselves more frequently?

If you are over 50 and have answered any one of these questions in the positive, then you might suffer from age-related hearing loss. By the way, this is nothing unusual in people over fifty as all of us are subjected to potentially harmful sound all the time – both at work and at home.

Does a hearing test provide a definite answer?

Your answers to the questions above may have made you realise that you are suffering from hearing loss, but only a hearing test can determine its true extent. The longer you wait the more you, and more specifically your ears and brain, will become used to subdued levels of hearing.

A free hearing test at your local LloydsPharmacy store can provide you with certainty. And if, like many, you suffer from typical age-related hearing loss, you can leave the pharmacy with our extremely discreet, high-tech, high quality hearing aids right after the test - for only GBP 395 each.

Where can I have a hearing test?

Hearing test

The Sonetik hearing test tells you in ten minutes whether your hearing is still good.

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Why wait any longer?

Find out here why there is no point in waiting any longer.

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