Sonetik UK Ltd is the UK subsidiary of Sonetik AG, an innovative Swiss hearing care specialist. It provides easy access to high quality hearing tests and hearing aids at highly attractive prices through new distribution channels such as pharmacies, drugstores and physicians. The company holds to the principle that good hearing should not be a luxury. Sonetik pledges to enable individuals with age-related hearing loss to rediscover their hearing in less than 1 hour. With a head office in Zurich, the company holds a 10% market share in Switzerland and also retails in the UK, the Netherlands and the US. Founder and CEO, Christian Stromsted, was previously active in the high-end hearing instrument sector in Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the US.

Sonetik UK Ltd is working in partnership with LloydsPharmacy to offer its unique hearing healthcare model in the UK.


What can a Sonetik hearing aid do?

Sonetik hearing aids are high quality, digital medical devices from Switzerland. The processor's computing speed of more than 2.5 million calculations per second suppresses feedback before the hearing aid wearer is even able to detect it. Two directional microphones enhance speech and reliably reduce annoying background noise. Various program levels make it possible to cope easily even in difficult hearing situations. Sonetik hearing aids are surprisingly small and are worn discreetly behind the ear.

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Where to find Sonetik

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